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It had been my standard practice to advise clients who were preparing their Wills that, as long as they had a responsible, capable, spouse or child available to act as …

The Canadian Government frequently gives industry and the public an opportunity to have input into proposed changes in policy, regulations or legislation.  This “consultation period” is an invaluable opportunity for …

Divorce may be one of the greatest challenges in the modern human experience.  It is a hugely costly process, not only in money, but also in emotional toil.  It is …

Canada is Not the 51st State

Gordon B. Greenwood

It is not uncommon for some Canadians to become annoyed at Americans who tend to view Canada as the 51st State.  What is actually more annoying, is when Canadian journalists …

In an employment context, a certain amount of “taking the bad with the good” is necessary for a functional workplace.  It is a rare employee who is never dissatisfied with …

Many of you know that in October of 2016 the Minister of Health launched a Healthy Eating Strategy for Canada.  As part of this strategy Health Canada is in the …

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